Te Kiteroa [pronounced teh-kit-eh-roh-ah] translates from te reo Māori to mean "The Long View" and this is the foundation of this podcast ... empowering women to thrive on all levels of mind, body & soul by allowing themselves to look up & see the long view in life

Episodes feature an incredible series of guests who share their inspiring stories of transformation, soul growth & learning to heal along the journey

This is a podcast to uplift & inspire as we each go about crafting sustainable happiness, wellness & following our soul calling

Your host for this podcast is Rose Tautari

Welcome to this podcast space, Te Kiteroa - The Long View



  • When we’re caught in the momentum and swept up in the flow of life, we can loose sight of our own thoughts and the existing patterns and/or loops that are going on (all the time without us even realising)
  • Our brains are hardwired to look for evidence to back up a thought or belief that is playing on repeat. 
  • It is easy for these repetitive cycles (both positive and negative) to become normalised and as a result our predominant thoughts dictate our habits, feelings and actions
  • How something that seems as simple as "looking on the bright side" has long lasting benefits for our overall wellbeing and mindset.
  • Bringing our awareness to the NOW
  • Being PRESENT
  • Gratitude for even the smallest of things as a daily practice to cultivate


- Reconnecting as women to our true selves
- Clarity on yourself first and foremost as a way to connect to the Universe
- Getting clarity on what recharges you, what do you love to do; and comparing that to the things that you ACTUALLY do in each day
- Radical honesty on how many other people & places are you giving of yourself too … and also how frequently is that happening as opposed to the time you are taking to put yourself first


  • How meditation has been practiced and taught for millennia and many people around the world - through many different cultures, religions & spiritual practices - know just how powerful it is to have as a daily and regular practice 
  • That there is a science behind meditation and it is all to do with our different brain wave patterns and getting us into a state that is harmonious and filled with the frequency of love. (We are going to explore this science in future podcast episodes)
  • For now I just wanted to share in this mini episode little bit about the HOW of meditation, because i know that is so often the thing that either scares people off or they've never done it before and don't know how to start
  • Including a simple practice to get you started that only takes TWO MINUTES

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Meet Rose,

Rose works as a mentor to women around the world who are both seeking their soul purpose & running their soul calling businesses.
She works based from Kakanui as an Intuitive Human Design guide & Mentor to Women in Spiritual Entrepreneurship. Rose offers her expertise in a weekly podcast, online courses & books - hosting the Te Kiteroa podcast & facilitating online learning opportunities

Meet Ann & Gary,

Ann & Gary have been the owners and custodians of Te Kiteroa since the 1980's - moving to be based at Te Kiteroa full time in 2007 after a lifetime based overseas for Gary's work in aeronautical engineering.
Over the years they welcomed thousands of guests through the doors of Te Kiteroa prior to the devastating fire in May 2021 - with many a tale to tell of the grand old ladies life! 
They are still actively involved in the legacy of Te Kiteroa & have been recently involved with the process of clearing & securing the site after the fire; which once completed will give a clearer picture as to the next steps to heal & move forward developing ways that the community can still experience the wonderful environment & tranquil setting of Te Kiteroa's grounds.


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