Practicing Gratitude & Staying Present In The Now

When we’re caught in the momentum and swept up in the flow of life, we can loose sight of our own thoughts and the existing patterns and/or loops that are going on (all the time without us even realising)

Our brains are hardwired to look for evidence to back up a thought or belief that is playing on repeat. That's why if you stat to think about seeing a yellow jeep... chances are you'll suddenly see one... similarly if we have negative loops playing, such as "Other drivers are assholes, I always get cut off in traffic"

... well you know that chances are you'll get cut off in traffic time and time again.

It is easy for these repetitive cycles (both positive and negative) to become normalised and as a result our predominant thoughts dictate our habits, feelings and actions

Thats exactly why you’ll hear people talk about the power of positive thinking, or the act of smiling being contagious... because something that seems as simple as "looking on the bright side" has long lasting benefits for our overall wellbeing and mindset.

What this ISN'T is toxic positivity... where the concept of "positive thinking" somehow gets off course and suddenly someone feels like they aren't ever supposed to feel a spectrum of emotions (which is definitely not the case! Trying to bypass & ignore emotions... well that's a whole different topic we'll be exploring on the podcast!) 

In this mini episode on the podcast, as part of our launch series this week, I am talking about the power of "Mindset, Practicing Gratitude & Being Present"



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