Connecting to Universe, Spirit & Soul

Te Kiteroa [pronounced teh-kit-eh-roh-ah] translates from te reo Māori to mean "The Long View" and this is the foundation of this podcast ... empowering women to thrive on all levels of mind, body & soul by allowing themselves to look up & see the long view in life

Episodes feature an incredible series of guests who share their inspiring stories of transformation, soul growth & learning to heal along the journey

This is a podcast to uplift & inspire as we each go about crafting sustainable happiness, wellness & following our soul calling

Your host for this podcast is Rose Tautari

Welcome to this podcast space, Te Kiteroa - The Long View


- Reconnecting as women to our true selves
- Clarity on yourself first and foremost as a way to connect to the Universe
- Getting clarity on what recharges you, what do you love to do; and comparing that to the things that you ACTUALLY do in each day
- Radical honesty on how many other people & places are you giving of yourself too … and also how frequently is that happening as opposed to the time you are taking to put yourself first

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