Mindset & Mantras

One of the biggest spiritual learnings I personally went through years ago was understanding the power of the mind. 

How we have the potential inside us to “choose” our thoughts in every moment. 

Mindset work, including using affirmations such as these is now part of my daily practice as a morning ritual (more on that to come in an upcoming podcast episode later this week!)

We really do have the power to choose differently, even when our thoughts might be spiralling into negativity or over worrying. 

While it might feel a little unusual at first, or might seem hard to fight off the cloud of low vibration thoughts if you have never tried this before - trust me it is well worth sticking with it.

Sometimes it can be the simple steps that have the biggest impact - something like taking a quick screenshot of whichever one of these calls to you to save as a little mantraon your phone lock screen, to write these in your weekly planner, or even put post it notes on your bathroom mirror where you will see them multiple times a day.

Our subconscious mind is running on autopilot for over 90% of the decisions we make in a day. If we don’t actively cultivate the settings, or the way our mind is processing, we can end up in many repetitive thought patterns, loops and decision making states. 

This is a really deep topic and I am incredibly excited to be bringing many experts in modalities such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindset work, plant medicine and much more to the Te Kiteroa podcast during 2022

But for now, I wanted to share some mantras that may be powerful reminders of your own inner magic and the power you have within you to CHOOSE a better feeling thought in every moment.




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