New Beginnings ✨ 2-2-22

Hi friends of Te Kiteroa 🌹

It has been QUITE the journey over the past 6 months since hosting the THRIVE online virtual retreat that many of you joined us for!

While it might have been quiet around here on our website and social media, behind the scenes there has been much happening - with wheels turning (some very slowly I might add!) but movement forward nonetheless

It seems only fitting with this beautiful Aquarius New Moon to share with you a little of the new beginnings coming to this space from 2-2-22 

(always love the vibe of a good numerology moment to tap into!)

Many of you will be eagerly awaiting news of how things are progressing since the fire last May

While sadly we don't have any confirmation around the future of the site of what was the original Te Kiteroa homestead - we CAN update you now to let you know that the demolition has been completed 

All that remains is a clear site, the gardens are as glorious as they have always been; and we have been able to leave the columns and external entrance stairs standing that used to be outside the front door - forming a beautiful frame through which to look over the view after which Te Kiteroa was named (te reo for "the long view")

Where things go from here includes a shift to the online space for the immediate future - while it may not be in the form of a physical premises ..  exciting things are coming ... offering a growing virtual space including a podcast, online programmes & blog.

This online space will be helmed by me (🙋🏻‍♀️ Rose!) and will continue to expand on my work that I do currently, empowering women on their soul calling journey - both in business & life.

This will be a space to learn, expand & re-connect to soul & spirit, mother nature & the cosmos. 

Thank you for your support and for joining on this journey!

~ Rose


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